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Transaction backoffice Ogone
transaction default operation code Ogone

Advice Sale

All authorized credit card transactions will be automatically captured and send in a batch to the bank/acquirer to request the payout. With “Sale” the merchant does not need to do anything to get his money. If the 2nd option ‘Authorisation’ is used, the merchant must manually capture transaction by transaction in the Ogone back office (or automated with Ogone DirectLink API).

With ‘Sale’ it’s greyed out.

If delivery is not always sure, the other two options could be helpful to give your company some time before the authorisation will be captured and debited on to the credit card.

transaction payment retry

Advice 1

If a cardholder tries to pay for 10 times, you should ask yourself if it’s not a fraudulent person.

When you use  1 time, be sure to keep the basket alive the a sessie (cookie). So if the transaction was not successful the first time, the cardholder can use the basket again. Be sure that the ORDERID is unique, because Ogone will do a check on the ORDERID. When the cardholder pays again, and you always get a Postsale.

transaction processing

Advice Always online (Immediate)

Ogone is able to queue transactions if the banks/acquirers are not available, but do you want that? Buyers/consumers will then try multiple times, resulting in multiple transactions if the bank/acquirer is available again. Also with the very popular internet banking payment methods this option is of no use as the payment must be performed online/realtime by the buyer/consumer.

Note: In case Ogone Batch is used, then ‘Always offline’ is better.


Default ECI value = 7 - E-commerce with SSL encryption

Trust Guard